Monday, February 7, 2011

myCloroxblog by member Patricia H.

I've used Clorox products my entire life. My grandmother and mother used them as well. I trust the Clorox name and have been delighted to watch it grow with new ideas through the years.  A couple years ago I was surprised to see Green Works products by Clorox and so curious that I had to purchase them to see how effective they were.  I was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied by the results.  They were just as if not more effective than some of the harsher products on the market and I felt good using them, knowing that I was doing something good for my family and the environment.  I continue to use Green Works as well as other Clorox products and will hand down the tradition to my son.  I have given some ideas that I had to the Clorox Company through their new CloroxConnects program and I encourage others to do the same.  Through consumers, Clorox will continue to provide great products, like those they have on the market today.” Patricia H.

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