Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recent Kingsford Post for our !dea Contest

Here's an idea for Kingsford about waterproofing charcoal bags. This process would help preserve the goods for your Tailgate Party Food. This was submitted by user Shaerem in our idea contest. Join our idea contest and you could win $1, 000!!!!


"I'd love to see the charcoal come in a resealable waterproof bag of some sort.  I've ruined a few bags of charcoal because I forgot to put them back in the garage after we were done grilling. Then, the rain came and washed my charcoal away... meaning it got ruined. I'm not sure if my memory will ever get better, but I think I could at least remember to seal up the bag if that was possible!"- Shaerem
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A recent Post to our !dea Contest

Here is an idea for a Kingsford on fire logs. This was submitted by mtkilpa in our Idea Contest. Join our idea contest and you could win $1,000.

"I just made a fire in my fireplace with a fire log that "burns cleaner than real wood". It was really convenient that the log is wrapped in a wrapper that catches fire quickly and aids in getting the log to catch fire.  Perhaps a single-serving bag of charcoal in a bag that has a similar function.  Perhaps the charcoal can already be teepeed inside the bag with a suitable ignition supply in the middle with maybe a wick or something simple to light. I am very intimidated by charcoal. If you could make the process simple enough for "even me" then I am sure I would use charcoal more because it definitely tastes better than gas. - mtkilpa

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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